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Our founders had over 40 years combined experience in the communications industry, and spent the 10 years prior to founding Tick Boxer coaching creative businesses to achieve greater efficiency and higher margins, through the well respected Sydney-based operations consultancy, Adtopia.

They helped many businesses experiencing issues affecting profitability and workflow, and in many instances, these were resolved through the use of simple but well-designed solutions. The common thread running through all these businesses was a lack of time to focus on their own operations, or a lack of information available to help them develop solutions themselves.

So, Tick Boxer was created to provide more creative businesses with operational and commercial support to implement best-practice business process, without the need for extra staff or expensive consultants. Big industry brains at a fraction of the cost! Since then, what started as a sideline project for our founders has grown to assist thousands of creative businesses around the world to achieve greater efficiency and profitability.

We aim to give you all the tools and knowledge you need to make your workflow tight and your profits grow, so you spend less time sorting out problems and more time focusing on what you’re great at.


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Nadine Rimmer – Founder and Director

Nadine is an expert in process creation, technology implementation and workflow streamlining for communications businesses and believes that a strong operational backbone and good commercial health can be a huge asset to support their creativity.

Prior to co-founding Tick Boxer, Nadine was a key operations consultant at Adtopia and also spent many years in senior Creative Services roles in top advertising agencies in Australia and the UK. More recently, Nadine entered the technology sector, heading up a team which was responsible for scoping, organising and executing technology implementations and change management programs within creative agencies, production companies and marketing teams.

Nadine has managed agency relationships with the procurement teams of large blue chip organisations and has worked extensively on developing responses to tenders and RFI’s in the marketing sector. This experience has given her great insight into the challenges creative businesses face in integrating with large clients, and also the challenges marketing teams face in selecting and managing both creative and technology partnerships.

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I found the job descriptions to be really helpful. It was great to have documentation that was directly related to our industry, that included a wide array of positions, and that was obviously created by people that were knowledgable about the structure of an agency. I would recommend these job descriptions to anyone to use in their entirety or as a base to use and personalise to your company needs.
Trisha BurgoGeneral ManagerDroga5Sydney

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