Are job descriptions relevant in today’s agency?

  Contrary to what many may think, the primary point of job descriptions is not necessarily to communicate what the job entails to the employee. In [...]
Agency Rates Survey 2017

2017 Agency Rates Survey

How do you decide what to charge? It’s the million-dollar question for creative businesses around the world – how do we put fair rates in place that make [...]
Setting up estimate templates

Increasing Revenue Extraction: Estimate templates

It’s important to remember that we are human and human errors can and do occur in business. So it goes without saying that business owners who implement [...]
New Templates

New Template Updates

By popular demand, we've recently added some new templates and made updates to some of our existing favourites. What's new? Job Descriptions Chief Operating [...]
Choosing a remuneration structure

Increasing Revenue Extraction: Choosing the right remuneration structure

Our last post in this series covered the importance of having a Rate Card in place for each of your clients. But how do you work out what structure of [...]

How will the 457 Visa changes affect your business?

Last week, the Australian government announced the surprise abolition of the 457 Visa scheme, which will affect many advertising and marketing businesses and [...]
Creating a client rate card

Increasing Revenue Extraction: Know thy Rate Card!

Many creative businesses don’t have readily available client Rate Cards to reference when quoting jobs – some agencies keep rates very confidential [...]

A business with nothing to lose has nothing to fear.

When times are tough, it’s the businesses who think outside the square that have the best chance to survive – or even flourish. Like this Dutch ad agency, [...]

Creative Charge Rates flattening out

Over the last 2 months we have looked at both Digital and Account Management rates and what is happening across the industry. Today we are looking at Creative [...]

Managing Your Digital Team

  How are you integrating digital services into your agency? I reckon about 75% of creative agencies are getting on board with digital and some are [...]