Agency Rate Card Template

A lot of agencies struggle to create effective Client Rate Cards. With so many variables to consider, it’s becoming harder and harder to ensure you don’t miss important remuneration terms or charge codes, when your real focus at the time is simply winning the business.

This Rate Card Template makes it easy to put fair and profitable agreements in place with clients, covering all variables to make sure your business isn’t caught out.

This template covers:
Scope of work: What is included in the Rate Card?
Service level agreements (SLA’s): What delivery & service terms are agreed?
Billing and payment terms: What process is used?
Copyright: details on ownership of IP
Information on different types of remuneration models and the associated pros & cons with each charging method.
Fee Types covered: Service Fees, Campaign Fees, Fixed Fees/Retainers, Head Hour Fees, Performance Based Fees, Menu Fees, IP Based/License Fees.

How to use this template to benefit your business:
Increase revenue – make sure you get the best deal possible for your agency
Improve commercial skills – train your team with this template to ensure they cover all points during their own client negotiations.
Plug your revenue leaks – review your Rate Cards against this template and fix any gaps
Become more competitive – identify which points on this template you can use as bargaining tools with clients – where does your business have the edge?

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