Client Services Director

Position description for a Client Services Director – includes a job summary, plus a detailed description of over 90 tasks this role should perform or oversee across key categories of responsibility.

This template covers:
How this role communicates with Agency staff, managers, clients & suppliers
Quality control, deadline & resource management tasks within this role
Technical knowledge and skills needed as part of this role to produce Agency work
Financial responsibilities within the role – how they generate or protect Agency revenue
How this role should forecast and report to Agency Management
20 suggested competencies required of a Client Services Director (spanning education, experience, abilities, talents and personal attributes)

How to use this template to benefit your business:
Remove confusion over who does what – give staff access to this job description template.
Boost your profit – implement the financial tasks in this position description to help protect your company revenue.
Make staff reviews easier – select tasks from this document to assess performance.
Build a stronger team – evaluate candidates against the competencies listed in this document. description.

Here’s what to do after you download it:
1. Adapt this template to suit your agency – you may wish to add/remove tasks or tweak wording (all templates are in MS Word).
2. Add your logo and update formatting to reflect your company branding.
3. Distribute this job description to your team.

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