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Tick Boxer has spent over 10 years tracking agency rates in both Australia and internationally, and our annual Rates Reports are among our most popular products, covering over 70 services and detailing various remuneration models. Customers tell us these reports are invaluable in helping them correct pricing problems in their businesses – whether these are the result of tough client negotiations, or simply a fee structure which has become out of date.

To help get your rates right, we offer a Custom Rate Card Analysis service, which provides you with analysis of your existing Rate Card against our industry benchmarks. There are two options to choose from:

We’ll review each charge code on your current Rate Card and provide feedback on where your existing rates fall in the market for the type of business you operate – including where you may be able to increase rates, and areas where you may need to become more competitive in the market. Your Rate Card Analysis Report will also include suggestions on additional charges you may be able to work into your Rate Card. This service covers up to 30 charge codes* on a Rate Card, please contact us for an estimate if your Rate Card exceeds this number of charge codes.

This option includes a complete Rate Card Analysis as per the above, with an additional section in your Analysis Report providing a comparison of your actual revenue performance against the potential revenue which could be achieved by implementing our suggested rate changes.

Providing your documentation and data for analysis
In order to prepare your analysis, we require your current Rate Card, plus a short summary of the size, nature and location of your business – this may be detailed on your website or a social media page, in which case, simply provide us with a link. For customers taking up Option Two including the additional Revenue Potential Comparison, you’ll need to also provide a Revenue summary for each item on your Rate Card over the last 12 months or previous Financial Year, preferably including total hours billed for each item.

If you have any questions regarding the suitability of your data for this process, please get in touch so we can discuss your specific situation. There are a number of ways we can perform this analysis, and our objective is to provide the most accurate picture of your revenue potential as possible, whether you have very little data on hand, or way too much!

You will be able to upload documents when you check out and pay, or alternatively, your receipt will contain instructions to provide your documentation by email at a later stage. Turnaround times for both options are generally 5 business days, however express turnaround can be arranged by prior agreement.

Tick Boxer treats all client rate information with the utmost confidentiality. We will not share, quote or distribute your commercially sensitive information under any circumstances. In addition to this, we are happy to sign Confidentiality or Non Disclosure Agreements for any customers wishing to access these services. Please contact us prior to ordering this service if you wish to arrange a signed Confidentiality Agreement.

Agency charge areas covered by our analysis generally include:
Agency Management Services: CEO, MD, General Mgr, etc
Account Management services: Group Account Director to Account Executive
Strategic Planning services: including Digital Strategy and Channel Planning
Creative & Design services: Creative Director, Creative Teams, Graphic Design and Creative Traffic
Digital services: Digital Creative, Design and Production
Production & Traffic services: Producer and support staff for Print and Broadcast
Studio/Finished Artwork services:  Studio charges including Finished Artwork, Retouching, Mockups

How this Analysis can benefit your business:
Plug your revenue leaks – review and correct your rates against market average.
Negotiate better rate cards – identify new charges or charge models.
Become more competitive – pinpoint where you could offer attractive discounts.
Be ahead of trends – see what the innovators are doing with their revenue models.

*PREMIUM SUBSCRIBERS: A complimentary Rate Card Analysis (Option One) for up to 15 charge codes is included for all our Premium Subscribers. To access this, please refer to the My Tool Box section of your Account Page.

Our Data Sources:
Our figures on the Australian Creative/Communications market have been developed by preparing averages from over 130 Agency Rate Cards from all over Australia, spanning a wide range of business types including Retail Advertising (Press, POS and BTL), Direct Marketing, Digital, Mainstream/ATL Advertising, Design and Experiential. The size of these agencies varies from a 5-person design business up to a 250 person larger operation.  Tick Boxer has collected market average rate information from creative businesses since 2009 and we’re proud to offer this service which is unique in the market to both creative businesses and advertisers alike. 


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  • Rate Card Analysis includes: review of each charge code on your current Rate Card, and feedback on which rates could be increased to improve revenues or decreased to improve competitiveness against the market average. This analysis will also include suggestions on additional charges which could be incorporated into the Rate Card.
  • Rate Card Analysis and Revenue Potential Comparison: Includes a complete Rate Card Analysis as per the above, plus an additional section providing a comparison of actual revenue performance against the potential revenue which could be achieved by implementing the suggested rate changes.