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Job Descriptions

Our library covers over 30 roles from junior to senior level, across creative, account service and production disciplines to complement your workflow.
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Briefing Forms

Choose from 11 different media types, ranging from Creative Briefs and Design Briefs, through to Production Briefs for several media types including Digital.
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Financial Reports

Generate and analyse intelligent activity reports using these Excel tools to give you the business insight most accounting packages don’t provide.
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Rate Card Template

Create fair and equitable agency/client remuneration agreements which cover all variables to ensure your’re not caught out by unexpected costs.
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Estimate Templates

Our Templates cover 11 different media types, and detail charge codes your team should consider when quoting each project to ensure they don’t miss a cent.
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Legal Templates

Save yourself the hassle of creating legal documents – these templates take care of a range of areas from confidentiality through to talent usage.
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Agency Basics

Grab a free set of templates – what we like to call our “Agency 101” tools. Free for site members, they’ll help you save time and work more efficiently!
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Request a Template

Can’t find what you need? We also offer custom template design for businesses with unique or complex workflows, so let us know how we can help.
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Check out our Agency Rates section to find out what the benchmarks are for over 70 different services across the disciplines of Account Management, Strategy, Creative, Design, Digital, Production and Studio/Finished Artwork. These reports are the most comprehensive rates analysis undertaken in the Australian market, with over 130 communications businesses surveyed for the latest report.

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Our clients say:

I found the job descriptions to be really helpful. It was great to have documentation that was directly related to our industry, that included a wide array of positions, and that was obviously created by people that were knowledgable about the structure of an agency. I would recommend these job descriptions to anyone to use in their entirety or as a base to use and personalise to your company needs.
Trisha BurgoGeneral ManagerDroga5Sydney

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